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Figure 1

From: SNX16 negatively regulates the migration and tumorigenesis of MCF-7 cells

Figure 1

Subcellular distribution of SNX16. (A) The subcellular distribution of tagged SNX16 in MCF-7 cells. Cells were transfected with the indicated constructs and immunofluoresence staining was performed 48 hrs post transfection. Rab5 is an early endosome marker and it co-localizes with SNX16 at cell cortex (indicated by an arrow). The endogenous Paxillin is detected using a specific antibody and used to indicate the position of focal adhesions. (B) The cell cortex distribution of SNX16 is detectable in a variety of cell lines. (C) A home-made polyclonal antibody to human SNX16 can detect the ectopically expressed SNX16. (D) Immunofluoresence staining of endogenous SNX16 on frozen sections prepared from adult mouse heart. Pre-incubation of the sample with soluble SNX16 protein blocks the staining.

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