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Table 1 Panel of inhibitor compounds screened for inhibition of DNA binding activity of 15 transcription factors

From: Exploring the utility of organo-polyoxometalate hybrids to inhibit SOX transcription factors

POMs Chemical formula Type Organic side chain Mol.wt
D1Mo K6 [P2Mo18O62] Dawson None 3016
D1W K6 [P2W18O62] Dawson None 4597
D2 (NC16H36)7 α1-[P2W17O62SnC6H8N4] Dawson Aliphatic 6089
D3 (NC16H36)7 α2-[P2W17O62SnC16H23N3O2] Dawson Val-Val-Val 6357
D4 (NC16H36)7 α2-[P2W17O62SnC6H11N4O] Dawson Aliphatic 6135
D5 (NC16H36)6 α2-[P2W17O61SnC4H10] Dawson Aliphatic 5794
D6 (NC16H36)6 α2-[P2W17O62SnC3H4O2] Dawson Aliphatic 5810
D7 (NC16H36)7 α1-[P2W17O66SnC24H34N4] Dawson Trp-Ala-Leu 6438
D8 (NC16H36)7 α1-[P2W17O66SnC22H32] Dawson Phe-Ala-Leu 6356
D9 (NC16H36)6 α1-[P2W17O61SnC4H10] Dawson Aliphatic 5794
D10 (NC16H36)7 α2-[P2W17O62SnC6H8N4] Dawson Aliphatic 6089
K1Mo Na3 [PMo12O40] Keggin None 1892
K1W Na3 [PW12O40] Keggin None 2946
decaV (NC16H36)3 [H3V10O28] Decavandate None 1688
metaW Na6W12O39 · xH2O Sodium metatungstate None 2969
MoO 4 2− Na2MoO4 · 2H2O Sodium Molybdate None 206