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Table 1 Survey of enzymatic adipose tissue-derived cell isolation systems

From: Enzymatic and non-enzymatic isolation systems for adipose tissue-derived cells: current state of the art

Enzymatic SVF isolation systems
Company Device/Method Picture Publication / Patent
AdiStem Pty Ltd.
AdiStem™ Small / Large Kit [104107]
Biosafe Group SA
Sepax 2 [86]
Cellthera, s.r.o.
Cellthera Kit I and II
Method for isolation of adipose tissue-derived stromal vascular fraction cells
[32, 141]
Cellular Biomedicine Group, Inc./Cellular Biomedicine Group HK, Ltd.
A-Stromal™ kit -
Cytori Therapeutics, Inc.
Celution® 800/CRS [87, 108111, 120, 142146]
ED Co. Ltd. & Purebiotech Co., Ltd./Medica Group Sceldis® [114, 115]
General Electric Company Automated systems and methods for isolating regenerative cells from adipose tissue [116]
GID Group, Inc. GID SVF-1™ [113, 147, 148]
Hurim BioCell, Co., Ltd. HuriCell [117, 149]
Ingeneron, Inc.
Apparatus and Methods for Cell Isolation [118]
Medikan International Inc.
N-Biotek, Inc. Beauty Cell -
NeoGenesis Co., Ltd.
PNC International Co., Ltd. / PNC North America CHA STATION™ [108]
Division Of Advanced Bio-Medical Equipment Co., INC Multi Station
SNJ Co., Ltd. / TOPMED CO., LTD. CID300 -
Stempeutics Research Pvt. Ltd. Stempeutron™ [150]
Tissue Genesis, Inc. Tissue Genesis® Icellator Cell Isolation System™ [119, 151153] Hand-held micro-liposuction adipose harvester, processor, and cell concentrator
  1. Patented, published or commercial available systems are listed with the associated company (in alphabetical order), a picture of the system as well as links and references if accessible. The majority of the systems generates stromal vascular fraction (SVF). (Italic represents the title of patents, − not available)