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Table 2 Survey of non-enzymatic adipose tissue-derived cell isolation systems

From: Enzymatic and non-enzymatic isolation systems for adipose tissue-derived cells: current state of the art

Non-Enzymatic SVF isolation systems
Company Device/Method Picture Publication / Patent
Agency Science, Tech & Res Method for isolating stromal vascular fraction [154]
Baxter International Inc. Devices for harvesting and homogenizing adipose tissue containing autologous endothelial cells [135]
Bimini Technologies LLC
Puregraft® [121, 122]
CORIOS Soc. Coop.
Fastkit (Fastem) [120]
Genesis Biosystems Inc.
LipiVage™ [125, 126, 155]
Human Med AG Procedure and device for separating adult stem cells from fatty tissue [156]
- Device for separating adult stem cells [157, 158]
IntelliCell® BioSciences Inc. Ultrasonic cavitation derived stromal or mesenchymal vascular extracts and cells derived therefrom obtained from adipose tissue and use thereof [159] Isolation of stromal vascular fraction from vascular tissues [136, 160]
LifeCell Corporation / GID Group, Inc. Revolve™ / GID 700™ [123, 124, 161, 162]
Lipogems International S.p.A.
Lipogems® [127134, 163]
Medikan International Inc.
Lipo-Kit GT [108, 120]
MicroAire Surgical Instruments, LLC StromaCell™ [164]
MyStem LLC
myStem® -
Pennington Biomedical Research Center Non-Enzymatic Method for Isolating Human Adipose-Derived Stromal Stem Cells [140, 165]
Rusty Property Holdings Pty Ltd, / Amberdale Enterprises Pty Ltd, / Tavid Pty Isolation of stem cells from adipose tissue by ultrasonic cavitation, and methods of use * [137, 138]
Solta Medical, Inc. Selective lysing of cells using ultrasound [139]
  1. Patented, published or commercial available systems are listed with the associated company (in alphabetical order), a picture of the system as well as links and references if accessible. The majority of the systems generates cell enriched adipose tissue, while some systems obtain stromal vascular fraction (SVF). (Italic represents the title of patents, * currently upgrading technology, − not available)