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Table 2 Main researches developed in in vivo experiments upon the potential of cell co-cultured in scaffolds to vaginal abnormalities

From: Scaffold strategies combined with mesenchymal stem cells in vaginal construction: a review

Reference Study model Regeneration strategy Cells seeded on scaffolds Benefits
De Filippo et al., 2003 Mice Engineering vaginal tissues Vaginal epithelial and smooth muscle cells + PGA Neovascularization
De Philippo et al., 2008 Rabbit Vaginal replacement Vaginal epithelial cells and smooth muscle cells + PGA Neovascularization and appropriate physiological responses
Raya-Rivera et al., 2014 Human Tissue engineered autologous vaginal organs in MRKH syndrome + SIS Epithelial and smooth muscle cells + SIS Organized vaginal histology
Zhu et al., 2013 Human MRKH syndrome No cells; acellular dermal matrix No complications; anatomic success 100% and normal sexual function
Panici et al., 2015 Human Canal lining in patients with MRKH syndrome Mucosal vaginal cells; no scaffold Normal and satisfying sexual intercourse