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Table 3 Possibilities of applications of some scaffolds available as well as advantages and perspectives

From: Scaffold strategies combined with mesenchymal stem cells in vaginal construction: a review

Material Application perspective Advantage
Alginate →Skin,
→Cardiac tissue.
→Fast degradation,
Collagen →Nerve,
→Blood vessel,
→Low immunogenicity,
→Good permeability,
PGA →Vaginal reconstruction,
→Pelvic floor repair.
PLGA - Intestine,
- Liver.
- Biodegradability,
- Suitable mechanical properties.
PLLA →Ligament tears,
→Central nerve system.
PCL - Meniscus. - Biodegradability.
PLGA/PI (Cellprene®) →Cranioplasty,
- Resorbable,
- Biocompatibility.
PLGA/PIepox →Tissue reconstruction,
→Biological dressing.
→Suitable mechanical properties,
→Easily fabricated,
→Low cost.