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  1. Pig and monkey are widely used models for exploration of human diseases and evaluation of drug efficiency and toxicity, but high cost limits their uses. Organoids have been shown to be promising models for dru...

    Authors: Haonan Li, Yalong Wang, Mengxian Zhang, Hong Wang, Along Cui, Jianguo Zhao, Weizhi Ji and Ye-Guang Chen
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:32
  2. Polycomb repressive complexes (PRCs) are essential in mouse gastrulation and specify neural ectoderm in human embryonic stem cells (hESCs), but the underlying molecular basis remains unclear. Here in this stud...

    Authors: Yuan Zhao, Tianyu Wang, Yanqi Zhang, Liang Shi, Cong Zhang, Jingyuan Zhang, Jiao Yao, Qianyu Chen, Xiaofen Zhong, Yanxing Wei, Yongli Shan and Guangjin Pan
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:30
  3. Building human organs in a dish has been a long term goal of researchers in pursue of physiologically relevant models of human disease and for replacement of worn out and diseased organs. The liver has been an...

    Authors: Do Thuy Uyen Ha Lam, Yock Young Dan, Yun-Shen Chan and Huck-Hui Ng
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:27
  4. Tissue engineering has provided new treatment alternatives for tissue reconstruction. Advances in the tissue engineering field have resulted in mechanical support and biological substitutes to restore, maintai...

    Authors: Nicole Andréa Corbellini Henckes, Dalana Faleiro, Laura Chao Chuang and Elizabeth Obino Cirne-Lima
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:26
  5. Microanatomy of the vast majority of human organs at birth is characterized by marked differences as compared to adult organs, regarding their architecture and the cell types detectable at histology. In preter...

    Authors: D. Fanni, C. Gerosa, C. Loddo, M. Castagnola, V. Fanos, M. Zaffanello and G. Faa
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:22
  6. Forkhead box (Fox) transcription factors play important roles in mammalian development and disease. However, their function in mouse somatic cell reprogramming remains unclear. Here, we report that FoxD subfam...

    Authors: Meijun Fu, Huan Chen, Zepo Cai, Yihang Yang, Ziyu Feng, Mengying Zeng, Lijun Chen, Yue Qin, Baomei Cai, Pinghui Zhu, Chunhua Zhou, Shengyong Yu, Jing Guo, Jing Liu, Shangtao Cao and Duanqing Pei
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:17
  7. Increasing evidence suggest functional roles of subepithelial mesenchymal niche cells in maintaining intestinal stem cells and in modulating the pathogenesis of various intestinal diseases in mammals. A recent...

    Authors: Guoli Zhu and Rongwen Xi
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:24
  8. Ischemic heart disease is one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality in the world. In adult mammalian hearts, most cardiomyocytes are terminally differentiated and have extremely limited capacity of pro...

    Authors: Zhaohui Ouyang and Ke Wei
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:14
  9. On January 28 in Nature online, Zheng et al. (Nature, 2021 (Online ahead of print)) reported that they developed an ingenious method of interspecies PSC co-culture system in vitro which unfolded interspecific ...

    Authors: Yiren Qin and Duancheng Wen
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:18
  10. Expression of Mc4r in peripheral organs indicates it has broader roles in organ homeostasis and regeneration. However, the expression and function of Mc4r in the mouse limb and digit has not been fully investi...

    Authors: Hanqian Xu, Hailin Zhang, Yanqing Fang, Huiran Yang, Ying Chen, Chao Zhang and Gufa Lin
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:19
  11. Organoids are three-dimensional self-organizing structures formed by adult tissue stem cells or pluripotent stem cells. They recapitulate cell-cell, cell-niche interactions in tissue development, homeostasis, ...

    Authors: Tiantian Lu, Yiyuan Cao, Peng Zhao, Shengxi Shen and Ying Xi
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:21
  12. Heart regeneration is a fascinating and complex biological process. Decades of intensive studies have revealed a sophisticated molecular network regulating cardiac regeneration in the zebrafish and neonatal mo...

    Authors: Lixia Zheng, Jianyong Du, Zihao Wang, Qinchao Zhou, Xiaojun Zhu and Jing-Wei Xiong
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:13
  13. The pluripotent stem cells in planarians, a model for tissue and cellular regeneration, remain further identification. We recently developed a method to enrich piwi-1+ cells in Schmidtea mediterranea, by staining...

    Authors: Kaimeng Niu, Hao Xu, Yuanyi Zhou Xiong, Yun Zhao, Chong Gao, Chris W. Seidel, Xue Pan, Yuqing Ying and Kai Lei
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:15
  14. The Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway appears to be particularly important for bone homeostasis, whereas nuclear accumulation of β-catenin requires the activation of Rac1, a member of the Rho small GTPase family...

    Authors: Wei Shi, Chengyun Xu, Ying Gong, Jirong Wang, Qianlei Ren, Ziyi Yan, Liu Mei, Chao Tang, Xing Ji, Xinhua Hu, Meiyu Qv, Musaddique Hussain, Ling-Hui Zeng and Ximei Wu
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:8

    The Correction to this article has been published in Cell Regeneration 2024 13:3

  15. Epigenetic modifications, namely non-coding RNAs, DNA methylation, and histone modifications such as methylation, phosphorylation, acetylation, ubiquitylation, and sumoylation play a significant role in brain ...

    Authors: Jiaqi Sun, Junzheng Yang, Xiaoli Miao, Horace H. Loh, Duanqing Pei and Hui Zheng
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:7
  16. As a result of evolution, the ability to repair wounds allows organisms to combat environment insults. Although the general process of wound healing at the tissue level has been described for decades, the deta...

    Authors: Yicong Ma, Jing Xie, Chandra Sugiarto Wijaya and Suhong Xu
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:5
  17. The HOX genes are master regulators of embryogenesis that are also involved in hematopoiesis. HOXA9 belongs to a cluster of HOX genes that play extensively studied roles in hematopoiesis and leukemogenesis.

    Authors: Jiahui Zeng, Danying Yi, Wencui Sun, Yuanlin Liu, Jing Chang, Lijiao Zhu, Yonggang Zhang, Xu Pan, Yong Dong, Ya Zhou, Mowen Lai, Guohui Bian, Qiongxiu Zhou, Jiaxin Liu, Bo Chen and Feng Ma
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:9
  18. The rapidly self-renewing epithelium in the mammalian intestine is maintained by multipotent intestinal stem cells (ISCs) located at the bottom of the intestinal crypt that are interspersed with Paneth cells i...

    Authors: Guoli Zhu, Jiulong Hu and Rongwen Xi
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:1
  19. Some lower vertebrates such as zebrafish and axolotl have incredible cardiac regenerative potential while mammals have very limited ones. Comparative studies among species have revealed that cardiomyocyte poly...

    Authors: Jing-Wei Xiong
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2020 9:23
  20. Systemic sclerosis is a rare chronic autoimmune disease with extensive microvascular injury, damage of endothelial cells, activation of immune responses, and progression of tissue fibrosis in the skin and vari...

    Authors: Mina Abedi, Sepideh Alavi-Moghadam, Moloud Payab, Parisa Goodarzi, Fereshteh Mohamadi-jahani, Forough Azam Sayahpour, Bagher Larijani and Babak Arjmand
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2020 9:20
  21. Protein quality control (PQC) systems play essential roles in the recognition, refolding and clearance of aberrant proteins, thus ensuring cellular protein homeostasis, or proteostasis. Especially, continued p...

    Authors: Pengze Yan, Jie Ren, Weiqi Zhang, Jing Qu and Guang-Hui Liu
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2020 9:22
  22. Three-dimensional cultured organoids have become a powerful in vitro research tool that preserves genetic, phenotypic and behavioral trait of in vivo organs, which can be established from both pluripotent stem ce...

    Authors: Yaqi Li, Peiyuan Tang, Sanjun Cai, Junjie Peng and Guoqiang Hua
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2020 9:21
  23. Adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) are considered ideal candidates for both research and cellular therapy due to ease of access, large yield, feasibility, and efficacy in preclinical and clinical studies. Unlik...

    Authors: Nourhan Abu-Shahba, Marwa Mahmoud, Mazen Abdel-Rasheed, Yasmine Darwish, Ahmad AbdelKhaliq, Eman Mohammed, Mahmoud ElHefnawi and Osama Azmy
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2020 9:18
  24. Retinoic acid (RA) and 2-phospho-L-ascorbic acid trisodium salt (AscPNa) promote the reprogramming of mouse embryonic fibroblasts to induced pluripotent stem cells. In the current studies, the lower abilities ...

    Authors: Mengdan Zhang, Qian Li, Tingting Yang, Fei Meng, Xiaowei Lai, Lining Liang, Changpeng Li, Hao Sun, Jiaqi Sun and Hui Zheng
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2020 9:17
  25. Apparent Young’s modulus (AYM), which reflects the fundamental mechanical property of live cells measured by atomic force microscopy and is determined by substrate stiffness regulated cytoskeletal organization...

    Authors: Anqi Guo, Bingjie Wang, Cheng Lyu, Wenjing Li, Yaozu Wu, Lu Zhu, Ran Bi, Chenyu Huang, Jiao Jiao Li and Yanan Du
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2020 9:15
  26. Clinical applications of cell therapy and tissue regeneration under different conditions need a multiplicity of adult stem cell sources. Up to date, little is available on the comparative isolation, characteri...

    Authors: Abdel Kader A. Zaki, Tariq I. Almundarij and Faten A. M. Abo-Aziza
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2020 9:13
  27. The rapidly developmental RNA-guided CRISPR/Cas system is a powerful tool for RNA and DNA editing in a variety of cells from different species and makes a great contribution to gene function research, disease ...

    Authors: Yanxia Gao, Kexin Gao and Hui Yang
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2020 9:12

    The Correction to this article has been published in Cell Regeneration 2021 10:35

  28. The pathological feature of diabetes, hyperglycemia, is a result of an inadequate number and/or function of insulin producing β cells. Replenishing functional β cells is a strategy to cure the disease. Althoug...

    Authors: Bingyuan Yang, Brittney A. Covington and Wenbiao Chen
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2020 9:9
  29. Recovery of liver mass to a healthy liver donor by compensatory regeneration after partial hepatectomy (PH) is a prerequisite for liver transplantation. Synchronized cell cycle reentry of the existing hepatocy...

    Authors: Feng Chen, Delai Huang, Hui Shi, Ce Gao, Yingchun Wang and Jinrong Peng
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2020 9:8

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