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Call For Papers

Organoids as models for development (or cell fate determination) and diseases

Thematic Series

Leading Editors: Prof. Ye-Guang Chen and Prof. Lijian Hui

Organoids are cultured cellular structures that consist of the major cell types of a tissue including tissue stem cells and other differentiated cells, resemble the basic features and possess the functions of the tissue. They can be derived directly from isolated organs or differentiated from embryonic stem cells or induced pluripotent stem cells. Therefore, organoids are great models for investigation of organ formation and regeneration, organ homeostasis, human development and disease mechanisms as well as for drug discovery and sensitivity test, having great potentials in personalized medicine. To highlight recent progress on organoids research, Cell Regeneration is inviting submissions to its upcoming special issue on “Organoids as models for development (or cell fate determination) and diseases”.

We will especially welcome Research, Method and Review submissions, including (but not limited to) the following areas:

·       Novel organoid culture methods

·       Organoids to assess developmental processes and tissue homeostasis

·       Organoids and tissue complexity

·       Polarity and maturation in organoids

·       Inherited and acquired diseases using organoid models

·       Cancer organoids

·       Organoids and personalized medicine

·       3D printing of tissues and their utilization

·       Microfluidic devices and stem cell-derived tissues

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Articles published in the thematic series is here.