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Cell regeneration- bridging discoveries in applied and basic research

As an author, I am keenly aware of the drama that can be associated with hypothesis, data, analysis, theorizing, then writing, submission, peer review and hopefully publication. Like all scientists, I immensely enjoy the discovery process. The unfolding of life mysteries in the laboratory provides the raw energy that powers me constantly. Then, as a dreamer, I imagine a world where publication or announcement of discovery happens seamlessly. This may all sound very familiar to many of you now reading this editorial.

Is there a better way to announce discovery? In ancient times it was simply done through mimicry, and discoveries such as fire were understood instantly. Nowadays, the known world is full of wonderful things that seem to be able to satisfy all human needs. Very few discoveries seem to match the impact of fire. Yet, the sheer thirst for knowledge and wanting to know the unknown has driven us to know more to satisfy our curiosity. Therefore, discoveries are made and then, following verification, should be disseminated immediately. With the internet, this has become possible and also simple.

For the science of regeneration, existing journals have served the field very well, publishing high impact papers almost daily. So, is there a place for a new title? I believe so.

Cell Regeneration is devoting itself to publishing discoveries in cell biology and regeneration from both basic and applied research. In the launch issue, you will read three articles that present novel approaches to grow cells in vitro or ideas that may eventually help us to regenerate cell or tissues in vivo.

I hope that this journal will distinguish itself by being pro-discovery and by making the publication process as efficient as possible. As Editor-in-Chief, together with our international editorial board, we are committed to making this journal a success, and your support is equally important. We look forward to receiving your contributions.

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