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Table 2 Small molecules that promote reprogramming

From: Progress and bottleneck in induced pluripotency

Compound Function Reference
Valproic acid histone deacetylase inhibitor [70]
Trichostatin A histone deacetylase inhibitor [70]
Sodium butyrate histone deacetylase inhibitor [70]
BIX-01294 histone methyl transferase inhibitor [89]
Parnate histone demethylase inhibitor [90]
5-azacytidine DNA methyltransferase inhibitor [74]
RG108 DNA methyltransferase inhibitor [89]
SB431542 + PD0325901 ALK5 inhibitor + MEK inhibitor [67]
A-83-01 TGFβ receptor inhibitor [92]
CHIR99021 GSK3 inhibitor [67]
RepSox Tgfbr1 kinase inhibitor [65]
PS48 activator of PDK1 [92]
Vitamin C nutrient vital that lower reactive oxygen species [93]