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Table 3 Culture surface coating requirements and costing for the generation of 1 billion (x10 9 ) hPSCs

From: Defining synthetic surfaces for human pluripotent stem cell culture

Surface Manufacturer Coating density source Cost per cm 2($USD) 1 Cost per 1 trillion cells (5000 cm 2) ($USD)
MatrigelTM Becton Dickinson Becton Dickinson handbook $0.080 $400
Cat No: 354277
GeltrexTM Invitrogen Life TechnologiesTM handbook $0.062 $310
Cat No: A1413302
Recombinant human laminin-511 (whole protein) BioLamina [112] 2 $10.7 $53331
Cat No: LN511
Recombinant human vitronectin (truncated protein) Gibco® [73] $0.0413 $205
Cat No: A14701SA
Recombinant human fibronectin Abcam [113] $0.664 $3320
Cat No: AB92798
Corning SynthemaxTM II-SC Corning Inc. Corning handbook $0.205 $1026
Cat No: 3535XX1
StemAdhereTM(E-cadherin fusion protein) Primorigen Biosciences ® Cat No: S2112 Primorigen handbook $0.081 $406
  1. Calculations were based on a typical cell density of 2x105 cells/cm2. These calculations do not take into account requirements for media or plasticware or the implementation of cardiomyocyte differentiation protocols. It should also be noted that such protocols are not 100% efficient, so it is likely that additional cells would be required.
  2. 1Prices were obtained from the websites of Australian suppliers of the manufacturers listed and converted from $AUD to $USD on the ninth of April 2013 ($1AUD =1.04$USD).
  3. 2Only concentrations of ECMPs in solution were reported so a volume of 50ul/cm2 was used for calculations, based on recommendations for MatrigelTM coatings (Becton Dickinson).
  4. 3At the time of writing recombinant vitronectin was being promoted in combination with the hPSC media E8 and as such was being sold at low cost.