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Table 1 Primary antibodies used for flow cytometry and immunofluorescence staining

From: Consistent apparent Young’s modulus of human embryonic stem cells and derived cell types stabilized by substrate stiffness regulation promotes lineage specificity maintenance

Primary antibody Manufacturer Catalog number
Human/Mouse Oct-3/4 Antibody R&D AF1759
Purified anti-human TRA-1-60-R BioLegend 330,601
Human FOXA2 Antibody R&D AF2400
Human SOX17 Antibody R&D AF1924
Human/Mouse alpha-Fetoprotein/AFP Antibody R&D MAB1368
Anti-PROX1 antibody Abcam ab101851
Anti-E Cadherin antibody Abcam ab76055
Anti-YAP1 antibody Abcam ab52771
Anti-Vinculin antibody Abcam ab129002