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Table 1 most useful markers for the immunohistochemical identification of organ progenitors

From: Stem/progenitor cells in fetuses and newborns: overview of immunohistochemical markers

Subtypes of stem cells Tissue Stem cell markers
Amniotic stem cells markers Mesenchymal CD105+; CD44+; CD73+; CD90+; CD29+; CD166+; CD13+; CD10+ (22); CD117+ (22)
  Epithelial CD105-; NANOG+; CD133+; CD 271+; TRA-1-60+
  Mesenchymal and epihelial CD44+; CD73+; SOX2+; SOX3+; PAX6+; OCT3/4+; KLF4+; SSEA4+
  Embryonal SSEA3+ (22); SSEA5+ (22); TRA-1-60+ (8) (22); TRA-1-81+ (22)
Umbilical cord stem cells markers Mesenchimal α-SMA+ (27); VCAM+ (27); CD44+ (29); CD73+ (29); CD105+ (29); CD90 (29); CD45- (29); CD34- (29); CD19- (29); HLA-DR- (29); CD11b - (29)
  Endothelial CD34+ (31); CD133+ (31); VEGFR+ (31)
Breast stem cells markers and breast milk stem cells markers Breast stem cells CD44+ (33); CD24- (33); ALDH1- (33)
  Breast milk stem cells Oct4+ (38); NANOG+ (38); CD49f+ (38); nestin+ (39) (41); ESRRB+ (40); CK5+ (40); CK14+ (40); α-lactalbumin+ (40); CD44+ (41) (42); CD29+ (41); Sca-1+ (41); vimentin+ (41); smooth muscle actin+ (41); Ki67+ (42)
Thyroid stem cells markers Human CD44+; POU5F1+; nestin+; Oct- 4 +; GATA-4+; HNF4α+
  Mouse and rat VEGF-A+ (mouse); NANOG+ (rat); ABCG2+ (rat); GATA4+ (rat)
Renal stem cells markers   CD133+; CD24; CD44+; thymosin beta-4+; MUC-1+; CD10+; WT1+
Cardiac stem cells markers   Sca-1+; CD31+; CD38+; GATA-4+; MEF 2C+; TEF-1+; WT1+; Wnt1+; CD44+; ISL1+ (70); c-kit- (64); CD34- (64); CD45- (64)
Pulmonary stem cells markers   TTF1+ (73)
  Epithelial precursors SOX2+
  Mesenchyme WT1+
Cutaneous stem cells markers Melanocytes CD20+; CD133+
  Hair follicles CK15+; nestin+
Pancreatic stem cells markers   PDX1+; Ptf1-alpha+; SOX9 +
Adrenal stem cells markers   NCAM+; CD117+; NSE+; PDGFr-alpha+; Synaptophysin+; Hepatocyte growth factor+; alpha-feto-protein+; Pbx1+; SF1+
Intestinal stem cells markers   Lgr5+; Wnt+; BMP+; Notch+; EGF+; p-TEN+; p-AKT+; Fgfr3+; CD44 +
  Paneth cells CD24+
Liver stem cells markers Biliary progenitor CK19+; CK7+
  Multipotent undifferentiated hepatic stem/progenitors NCAm+; CD133+; SOX9+; SOX17+; FOXA2+; Ck 8/18+
  Hepatoblasts albumin+; CYPA4+; CYPA7+
  Committed hepatic progenitors albumin+; glucose-6-phosphate+; CK19+; α-fetoprotein+
Brain stem cells markers Primary neuroepithelium Nestin+
  Radial glia Nestin+; vimentin+; WT1+
  Brain stem cells SOX2 (103)
Endometrial stem cells   CD44+; CD90+; CD105+; OCT4+; c-KIT (CD117)+; CD34+; bcl2+; CD146+; PDGF-Rbeta+; ISL1