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Call for Papers

Regeneration in emerging model organisms

Thematic Series Call For Papers!

Leading Editor: Prof. Ji-Feng Fei and Prof. An Zeng

Regeneration capability varies among diverse organisms. Investigation of the common and unique mechanisms employed in the regeneration of multiple species will promote better understanding of the loss of regeneration ability in higher vertebrates, and eventually provides the possible therapeutic strategies to improve tissue/organ regeneration in humans.

To highlight recent progress that, at their core, has unitized diverse emerging model organisms in innovative ways to further our understanding of regenerative processes. Cell Regeneration is currently inviting submissions to our upcoming special issue on “Regeneration in emerging model organisms”. We encourage the submission of articles that report new findings or the development or application of novel techniques in emerging regenerative model organisms. We also invite proposals for Review articles, if you are interested in contributing a Review.

To submit your article, visit our online submission system; please highlight in your cover letter that the submission is to be considered for this Series.

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