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  1. Adult mammalian cardiomyocytes are unable to proliferate to regenerate lost tissue after heart injury. Du et al., reporting in Cell Stem Cell, employ a FUCCI- and MADM-based system to screen for small molecules c...

    Authors: Nevan Powers and Guo N. Huang
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2022 11:20
  2. Animal models are widely used for biomedical studies and drug evaluation. The small intestine plays key roles in nutrient absorption, hormone secretion, microbiota defense and drug absorption and metabolism. A...

    Authors: Haonan Li, Xiaodan Wang, Yalong Wang, Mengxian Zhang, Fan Hong, Hong Wang, Along Cui, Jianguo Zhao, Weizhi Ji and Ye-Guang Chen
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2022 11:19
  3. Bioprinting has exhibited remarkable promises for the fabrication of functional skin substitutes. However, there are some significant challenges for the treatment of full-thickness skin defects in clinical pra...

    Authors: Changmei Niu, Liyang Wang, Dongdong Ji, Mingjun Ren, Dongxu Ke, Qiang Fu, Kaile Zhang and Xi Yang
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2022 11:10
  4. Long non-coding (lnc) RNA plays important roles in many cellular processes. The function of the vast majority of lncRNAs remains unknown. Here we identified that lncRNA-1700113A16RIK existed in skeletal muscle...

    Authors: Xin Fu, Sheng Li, Minzhi Jia, Bo Xu, Lele Yang, Ruimiao Ma, Hong Cheng, Wenjun Yang and Ping Hu
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2022 11:13
  5. Adult skeletal muscle stem cells, also known satellite cells (SCs), are a highly heterogeneous population and reside between the basal lamina and the muscle fiber sarcolemma. Myofibers function as an immediate...

    Authors: Hu Li, Lin Kang, Rimao Wu, Changyin Li, Qianying Zhang, Ran Zhong, Lijing Jia, Dahai Zhu and Yong Zhang
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2022 11:11

    The Correction to this article has been published in Cell Regeneration 2022 11:17

  6. The Chchd10 gene encodes a coiled-coil-helix-coiled-coil-helix-domain containing protein predicted to function in the mitochondrion and nucleus. Mutations of Chchd10 are associated with ALS, dementia and myopathy...

    Authors: Wei Xia, Jiamin Qiu, Ying Peng, Madigan M. Snyder, Lijie Gu, Kuilong Huang, Nanjian Luo, Feng Yue and Shihuan Kuang
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2022 11:14
  7. Myocardial regeneration has been considered a promising option for the treatment of adult myocardial injuries. Previously, a chick early amniotic fluid (ceAF) preparation was shown to contain growth-related fa...

    Authors: Baiping Cui, Yufan Zheng, Xiang Gao, Lihong Zhang, Borui Li, Jia Chen, Xinyan Zhou, Mengyuan Cai, Wenrui Sun, Yuting Zhang, Keejong Chang, Jiayi Xu, Fuyin Zhu, Yan Luo, Tao Sun, Jin Qian…
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2022 11:9
  8. Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are important regulators of diverse biological processes, especially skeletal muscle cell differentiation. Most of the lncRNAs identified to date are localized in the nucleus and...

    Authors: Lili Zhai, Xin Wan, Rimao Wu, Xiaohua Yu, Hu Li, Ran Zhong, Dahai Zhu and Yong Zhang
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2022 11:8
  9. Early human brain development can be affected by multiple prenatal factors that involve chemical exposures in utero, maternal health characteristics such as psychiatric disorders, and cancer. Breast cancer is one...

    Authors: Kangli Cui, Wenwen Chen, Rongkai Cao, Yingying Xie, Peng Wang, Yunsong Wu, Yaqing Wang and Jianhua Qin
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2022 11:7
  10. Cell metabolism plays vital roles in organismal development, but it has been much less studied than transcriptional and epigenetic control of developmental programs. The difficulty might be largely attributed ...

    Authors: Ting Li, Yejun Zou, Shuning Liu, Yi Yang, Zhuo Zhang and Yuzheng Zhao
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2022 11:5
  11. The liver has remarkable capability to regenerate, employing mechanism to ensure the stable liver-to-bodyweight ratio for body homeostasis. The source of this regenerative capacity has received great attention...

    Authors: Wenjuan Pu and Bin Zhou
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2022 11:2

    The Correction to this article has been published in Cell Regeneration 2022 11:12

  12. Studying the etiology of human neurodevelopmental diseases has long been a challenging task due to the brain’s complexity and its limited accessibility. Human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs)-derived brain organ...

    Authors: Xiaoxiang Lu, Jiajie Yang and Yangfei Xiang
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2022 11:1
  13. Information about the dynamic change and post-injury regeneration of cervical epithelium is relatively rare, even though it is tightly related to gynecologic malignancy. Here, using a feeder cell-based culturi...

    Authors: Zixian Zhao, Yujia Wang, Yingchuan Wu, Dandan Li, Ting Zhang, Yu Ma, Xiaoming Teng and Wei Zuo
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:36
  14. The evolution of pluripotent stem cell-derived retinal organoids (ROs) has brought remarkable opportunities for developmental studies while also presenting new therapeutic avenues for retinal diseases. With a ...

    Authors: Xiao Zhang, Wen Wang and Zi-Bing Jin
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:33
  15. Pig and monkey are widely used models for exploration of human diseases and evaluation of drug efficiency and toxicity, but high cost limits their uses. Organoids have been shown to be promising models for dru...

    Authors: Haonan Li, Yalong Wang, Mengxian Zhang, Hong Wang, Along Cui, Jianguo Zhao, Weizhi Ji and Ye-Guang Chen
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:32
  16. Polycomb repressive complexes (PRCs) are essential in mouse gastrulation and specify neural ectoderm in human embryonic stem cells (hESCs), but the underlying molecular basis remains unclear. Here in this stud...

    Authors: Yuan Zhao, Tianyu Wang, Yanqi Zhang, Liang Shi, Cong Zhang, Jingyuan Zhang, Jiao Yao, Qianyu Chen, Xiaofen Zhong, Yanxing Wei, Yongli Shan and Guangjin Pan
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:30
  17. Building human organs in a dish has been a long term goal of researchers in pursue of physiologically relevant models of human disease and for replacement of worn out and diseased organs. The liver has been an...

    Authors: Do Thuy Uyen Ha Lam, Yock Young Dan, Yun-Shen Chan and Huck-Hui Ng
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:27
  18. Tissue engineering has provided new treatment alternatives for tissue reconstruction. Advances in the tissue engineering field have resulted in mechanical support and biological substitutes to restore, maintai...

    Authors: Nicole Andréa Corbellini Henckes, Dalana Faleiro, Laura Chao Chuang and Elizabeth Obino Cirne-Lima
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:26
  19. Microanatomy of the vast majority of human organs at birth is characterized by marked differences as compared to adult organs, regarding their architecture and the cell types detectable at histology. In preter...

    Authors: D. Fanni, C. Gerosa, C. Loddo, M. Castagnola, V. Fanos, M. Zaffanello and G. Faa
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:22
  20. Forkhead box (Fox) transcription factors play important roles in mammalian development and disease. However, their function in mouse somatic cell reprogramming remains unclear. Here, we report that FoxD subfam...

    Authors: Meijun Fu, Huan Chen, Zepo Cai, Yihang Yang, Ziyu Feng, Mengying Zeng, Lijun Chen, Yue Qin, Baomei Cai, Pinghui Zhu, Chunhua Zhou, Shengyong Yu, Jing Guo, Jing Liu, Shangtao Cao and Duanqing Pei
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:17
  21. Increasing evidence suggest functional roles of subepithelial mesenchymal niche cells in maintaining intestinal stem cells and in modulating the pathogenesis of various intestinal diseases in mammals. A recent...

    Authors: Guoli Zhu and Rongwen Xi
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:24
  22. Ischemic heart disease is one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality in the world. In adult mammalian hearts, most cardiomyocytes are terminally differentiated and have extremely limited capacity of pro...

    Authors: Zhaohui Ouyang and Ke Wei
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:14
  23. On January 28 in Nature online, Zheng et al. (Nature, 2021 (Online ahead of print)) reported that they developed an ingenious method of interspecies PSC co-culture system in vitro which unfolded interspecific ...

    Authors: Yiren Qin and Duancheng Wen
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:18
  24. Expression of Mc4r in peripheral organs indicates it has broader roles in organ homeostasis and regeneration. However, the expression and function of Mc4r in the mouse limb and digit has not been fully investi...

    Authors: Hanqian Xu, Hailin Zhang, Yanqing Fang, Huiran Yang, Ying Chen, Chao Zhang and Gufa Lin
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:19
  25. Organoids are three-dimensional self-organizing structures formed by adult tissue stem cells or pluripotent stem cells. They recapitulate cell-cell, cell-niche interactions in tissue development, homeostasis, ...

    Authors: Tiantian Lu, Yiyuan Cao, Peng Zhao, Shengxi Shen and Ying Xi
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:21
  26. Heart regeneration is a fascinating and complex biological process. Decades of intensive studies have revealed a sophisticated molecular network regulating cardiac regeneration in the zebrafish and neonatal mo...

    Authors: Lixia Zheng, Jianyong Du, Zihao Wang, Qinchao Zhou, Xiaojun Zhu and Jing-Wei Xiong
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:13
  27. The pluripotent stem cells in planarians, a model for tissue and cellular regeneration, remain further identification. We recently developed a method to enrich piwi-1+ cells in Schmidtea mediterranea, by staining...

    Authors: Kaimeng Niu, Hao Xu, Yuanyi Zhou Xiong, Yun Zhao, Chong Gao, Chris W. Seidel, Xue Pan, Yuqing Ying and Kai Lei
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:15
  28. The Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway appears to be particularly important for bone homeostasis, whereas nuclear accumulation of β-catenin requires the activation of Rac1, a member of the Rho small GTPase family...

    Authors: Wei Shi, Chengyun Xu, Ying Gong, Jirong Wang, Qianlei Ren, Ziyi Yan, Liu Mei, Chao Tang, Xing Ji, Xinhua Hu, Meiyu Qv, Musaddique Hussain, Ling-Hui Zeng and Ximei Wu
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:8
  29. Epigenetic modifications, namely non-coding RNAs, DNA methylation, and histone modifications such as methylation, phosphorylation, acetylation, ubiquitylation, and sumoylation play a significant role in brain ...

    Authors: Jiaqi Sun, Junzheng Yang, Xiaoli Miao, Horace H. Loh, Duanqing Pei and Hui Zheng
    Citation: Cell Regeneration 2021 10:7

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